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What releases do I have planned for 2021?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hey all, Shanti here!

If you follow me on Instagram (@shantihershenson), you may have seen some exciting posts of mine. I've frequented posting word-count updates for books, and I've mentioned when I've finished them. But you may be wondering, "What are these books? When are they releasing?". Well, if you want to know what I have planned, this post is for you!

Behold... all the releases I have planned for 2021 (AKA, all the books I have written that aren't published yet).



The Curse of Ziel DeLaine (The Chronicles of Ziel DeLaine, Book 2)

The sequel to The Nightmare of Ziel DeLaine.

Biome Lock (The Biome Lock Trilogy, Book 1)

Thirty years after an alien invasion that forced humans to live in captivity, a group of teenagers take their shot at freedom. My debut novel.

You Won't Know Her Name: A story told in poetry. YWKHN follows the dire topic of middle school bullying and violence. (Please check trigger warnings).


The Accidental Insurgent

Dystopian romance; not much to be said yet.

The Ruination of Ziel DeLaine (The Chronicles of Ziel DeLaine, Book 3) *hopefully*

The third book in The Chronicles of Ziel Delaine series.

Biome Blackout (The Biome Lock Trilogy, Book 2)

The continuation of the Biome Lock Trilogy.


Biomes End (The Biome Lock Trilogy, Book 3)

The ending of the Biome Lock Trilogy.

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