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THE Biome Lock Saga

Biome Lock

The biomes were never meant to be tampered with, and the fences were never meant to be crossed. The Biome Lock was a force of nature not to be reckoned with. 

Thirty years after a harrowing alien invasion that left the remains of humankind living captive in separate biomes, the arrival of an atypical boy prompts an awakening of hope; a dream for a new age. As a greater mission unfolds, unrest begins to circulate in the furthest parts of the biomes, creating a threat to the once all-powerful regime of the Zorb… 

Welcome to the Biome Lock!

Biome Blackout

The biomes were never meant to be tampered with, and the fences were never meant to be crossed. The Biome Lock was a force of nature not to be reckoned with. 

Having survived the brunt of illness and their first few months in the Biome Lock, a group of misfit travelers is ready to embark on a journey larger than themselves. Shaken by revealed secrets and a calling toward something more, Griffin, Kira, and their crew in the Dark Forest are ready to head to the Grasslands and rejoice with Colette—but when they arrive, adapting their new surroundings proves to be a challenging task.

Welcome back to the Biome Lock!

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Biome Nightmare: a Biome Lock and Ziel DeLaine crossover

A thrilling and eerie crossover between teen author Shanti Hershenson’s Biome Lock and TheChronicles of Ziel DeLaine!

Following tragedy after tragedy and reeling from constant turmoil, Griffin, Colette, and Kira are rewarded several peaceful days at the Grasslands Laboratory before they are to continue their journey. Only, this solace is interrupted as the scientists find a strange piece of Zorb technology—and Griffin and his friends are assigned to inspect it. Restless and desperate to find out the purpose behind the machine, Griffin fiddles with it and, despite Kira and Colette’s warnings, pushes a button. What erupts is a blinding light that renders them unconscious.

The eris andraste duology

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The God's Right Hand​

It’s the year 2026; the second civil war has ravaged the United States. Eris Andraste never cared for the war, until she discovered something within her that thrust her to the center of it all.

What was supposed to be a regular walk home for 19-year-old Eris Andraste proved to be anything but when a hooded man follows her down an alleyway and points a gun in her direction. Expecting to be dead, Eris is stunned to find that not only is she nearly completely unscathed, but the bullet - the one that was supposed to be her end - rests in the palm of her hand.

Both horrified and relieved by the events, Eris is left running with questions about her existence that will never, ever leave. And she can get these answers, if she falls into the hands of those whom she’s been told to run from.

With a sinister cast of characters and danger looming around every character, Eris doesn’t know who she can trust.

Not even herself…

The Chronicles of Ziel DELaine

The Nightmare of Ziel DeLaine

Never go to the places you aren’t supposed to be.


Every weekend, young Aaron Hearth plays in the expansive front yard of a mysterious property, known as the DeLaine manor, and thought to be abandoned. But he knows better than to think it’s deserted, as there is something there, in the window - a ghost. 


His life is turned upside down after an encounter with the spirit, but there’s something that scares him even more. A boy from his dreams now seems to be real, and by some chance, the mysterious boy may be a bigger threat than what he can handle. 


A secret threat is unraveling before his eyes, and Aaron knows only one thing for sure - he is being hunted down.

The Curse of Ziel DeLaine

There are more places to never set foot in.

Newly a ghost, Aaron Hearth would be anything but - he will never be a normal boy again, and hates the thought. Against his better wishes, he has to team up with Ziel DeLaine, his murderer, and only ally. She knows about Silly Kingston, and she may be his only chance at survival.

A forbidden world of haunting magic awaits him, but it will fracture him; break him and test all of his abilities. There seems to be no other way to stop what is inevitable: being hunted down and captured by the insane conjurer, Silly Kingston.


Will he be set free, or will Aaron Hearth become just another servant of evil?

The Ruination of Ziel DeLaine

The dream is ending. The nightmares are only beginning.

Aaron Hearth and Ziel DeLaine fell short in their attempt to escape Silly Kingston’s twisted world, and now the nightmare they practically live in is growing so much worse. The longer they stay in Dreamland, the more reckless Silly Kingston gets, forcing Aaron and Ziel into challenges and horrors that they can’t face alone.

Aaron and Ziel are thrust into one final fight to escape and put Silly Kingston to rest. Aaron will be forced to learn things about the eccentric boy that never even crossed his mind before. And if they fail to escape again, the trouble will be endless. Because Silly Kingston’s plan - the one that has been in motion for decades - is ready to unravel.

Neverdying Series


If you could live forever, would it be a gift… or a disease?

A doctor created a genetic mutation meant as a gift to society—to those at random in future generations who were born with it: Immortality. But the risk of overpopulation and questions rising about the imbalance of only few being Immortals brings the ruthless President Wilde to a different stand—a facade of peace and equality whereas Immortals are executed daily—thus creating the ruination of the United States… and the world soon after.


What would you risk for love?

After the harrowing battle that supposedly left President Wilde dead and his weapon dismantled, the remaining members of the Immortals Legion are running for their lives. Forced away from the home that they had so quickly built, their conditions are unlivable and their hunger to take back what was theirs grows by the day.

As Cain and Scarlett fight for their lives, their relationship, and everything that they have built, the lines of whom they can trust and what is real are blurred to the point of decay. In the end, there are only two, fractured truths:

President Wilde’s reign may not be over, and their relationship may not survive the oncoming storm.


You Won't Know Her Name

There lives a little girl whose name goes unsaid because it doesn’t matter. 


And for all the things you can’t know, there are three things you can.


  1. She is about to start middle school. Three days late.

  2. She has a sister, who is not late for school.

  3. Nothing will go to plan.


Nothing going to plan is probably an understatement, because what The Girl is about to go through goes beyond typical. And when she is bruised and haunted by words and violence, only two things can help her.


Poetry, and hope for a better future. 


Because let’s face it - things can’t stay the same. 

Shanti Hershenson ebook (1).jpg
The Accidental Insurgent

One mistake can ruin your life. 

Ally Einfell will die in two years, at twenty years old… but not if she dies at eighteen instead. In a corrupt future, graduates of the Endmost School are forced to prove themselves as useful in two years, or else they’ll be executed on their twentieth birthday. 


But Ally may never get that far because she has committed a crime. It’s a stupid crime, but it’s enough for her to never graduate - enough for her to be executed, or proved useless. Both mean the same thing. And even with the support of her handsome best friend, Finch Briar, Ally will have to overcome her greatest fears to survive… 

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I Know Her Name

In the sixth grade, a girl’s life was turned upside down by a series of horrific bullying events.

In seventh grade, she wrote a book about it - You Won’t Know Her Name, a haunting novel told in poetry about a nameless girl who, along with her sister, undergoes the same events.

Now, she returns with a new poetry collection, featuring poems she wrote before, during, and after the creation of You Won’t Know Her Name. These poems are dark and unordered, expressing her pain and healing - everything that was, and wasn’t told in You Won’t Know Her Name.

And this time, The Girl does have a name: Shanti Hershenson.

Little Green Man

Alien enthusiast Birdie Buckley investigates what she believes to be an alien presence in her town. As she looks deeper into bizarre occurrences, her community's hidden history, and even a strange observatory on the outskirts of town, her discoveries become either a dream come true or her biggest fall from grace.

Perfect for fans of E.T. and the X-Files, Little Green Man takes readers on an eccentric investigation that challenges the definition of alien and explores the overshadowed side of the high school experience.

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The Bane of Angelfall Academy

"Much like creativity, magic works in bizarre ways."
As the daughter of two world-famous writers, twelve-year-old Devan Cyrano cannot believe her luck (or could it be misfortune?) when she is accepted into Angelfall Academy for the Writer’s Mind, an elite boarding school for the most talented young writers in the world. The only problem is that Devan has not written anything remotely significant, instead suffering from a twelve-year-long plague of writer’s block fueled by the pressures her perfect writer parents have placed upon her.


Now, Devan Cyrano must face the daunting task of finishing her first novel and surviving the sixth grade at a peculiar boarding school–while, similar to all of her favorite book characters, trying to save the universe as she knows it…

Helipads in Heaven

World-renowned author Dillon Hershkop has everything she wants in life, but getting there hasn’t been easy. Now thirty years old, she has achieved almost everything she dreamed of as a young girl: A dazzling career, a devoted fan base, and a picture-perfect family—but despite all of this, she is also painstakingly bored.

That is why, when Dillon receives the opportunity to become the test subject for a time-traveling experiment hosted by JPL’s brand new Center for Experimental Science, she seizes the opportunity to explore La Cañada—and the places she grew up around—without any immediate reservations. In exchange, she can write a brand new memoir both about time travel and the nearly forgotten experiences that shaped her into the talented woman she is today. That is, if she returns.

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