THE Biome Lock Trilogy

Biome Lock

The biomes were never meant to be tampered with, and the fences were never meant to be crossed. The Biome Lock was a force of nature not to be reckoned with. 

Thirty years after a harrowing alien invasion that left the remains of humankind living captive in separate biomes, the arrival of an atypical boy prompts an awakening of hope; a dream for a new age. As a greater mission unfolds, unrest begins to circulate in the furthest parts of the biomes, creating a threat to the once all-powerful regime of the Zorb… 

Welcome to the Biome Lock!

Book 2, 'Biome Blackout," releases in Fall, 2021

The Chronicles of Ziel DELaine

The Nightmare of Ziel DeLaine

Never go to the places you aren’t supposed to be.


Every weekend, young Aaron Hearth plays in the expansive front yard of a mysterious property, known as the DeLaine manor, and thought to be abandoned. But he knows better than to think it’s deserted, as there is something there, in the window - a ghost. 


His life is turned upside down after an encounter with the spirit, but there’s something that scares him even more. A boy from his dreams now seems to be real, and by some chance, the mysterious boy may be a bigger threat than what he can handle. 


A secret threat is unraveling before his eyes, and Aaron knows only one thing for sure - he is being hunted down.

The Curse of Ziel DeLaine

There are more places to never set foot in.

Newly a ghost, Aaron Hearth would be anything but - he will never be a normal boy again, and hates the thought. Against his better wishes, he has to team up with Ziel DeLaine, his murderer, and only ally. She knows about Silly Kingston, and she may be his only chance at survival.

A forbidden world of haunting magic awaits him, but it will fracture him; break him and test all of his abilities. There seems to be no other way to stop what is inevitable: being hunted down and captured by the insane conjurer, Silly Kingston.


Will he be set free, or will Aaron Hearth become just another servant of evil?


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You Won't Know Her Name

There lives a little girl whose name goes unsaid because it doesn’t matter. 


And for all the things you can’t know, there are three things you can.


  1. She is about to start middle school. Three days late.

  2. She has a sister, who is not late for school.

  3. Nothing will go to plan.


Nothing going to plan is probably an understatement, because what The Girl is about to go through goes beyond typical. And when she is bruised and haunted by words and violence, only two things can help her.


Poetry, and hope for a better future. 


Because let’s face it - things can’t stay the same.