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Biome Lock - what was once a standalone, and then a duology, is now a trilogy!

As you may know, Biome Lock, my debut novel, was originally a really long standalone. My original proof copy of the completed book was over 800 pages, and too long to publish. So then, I had decided that it would be a trilogy, with two books, Biome Lock and Biomes End. Turns out, it's going to be a trilogy, with the first book being split again.

The pacing may seem weird at first, but I am confident that this is the best way I can publish, and it has a lot of benefits to you, the reader.

Now the books will all be cheaper, and they will also publish sooner. I look forward to Biome Lock, the first book, hitting the shelves in August. I'm not sure when the second book, Biome Blackout, will publish, but it will definitely be a month or two after that.

The first book follows the arrival of Griffin and the journey of Kira, introducing the world of the Biome Lock. The second book follows the revelations from the first book, and the third ties it all up, being the most emotional, and action-packed book of the series.

I can't wait to share this world with you all!


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