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Catstalker is exclusive newsletter content from my files. This is an unfinished prologue for a book that the I have since discontinued. Like all of my unfinished works, you may find little mistakes - please do not let these hinder your view of the piece. And, of course, enjoy the story! If you would like me to continue writing this piece, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am always looking for new, and old, ideas!


Eclipse, a cat, stalked the night, dipping his little nose into a gash of chilling water; a small creek. Looking for a salmon, he squinted, trying to see into the water, that looked utterly black with a small reflection from the glowing moon. Nature was quiet, with his surroundings muffled by the single chirp of a bird.

A bird! he thought, Perfect. His thought passed by like the wind, for there was no hope in hunting a bird, whether it would be a sparrow, or a hawk. Birds were a common sight, creating their intertwined nests amongst the matted tree branches. Birds were too hard to catch, far too fast, and far two nimble with their fluffy wings. Eclipse had grown to adopt the fact that he could never catch one, and that they were better off as adversaries, instead of meals. 

Slowly creeping along the southern path, he made his way down the creek, until he stopped at the end, where a thickened tree hung high over the sky, creating a canopy, and a place to rest. Inside the hollowed tree, a smaller, more stocky kitten lay, resting in the thicket of leaves. 

“Good morning,” he yawned, though it was still late in the night, and not at all morning. “Is it time for breakfast?” 

  Eclipse shook his head, with a purr rumbling in his throat like the rushing of the river. “Oh, Apollo! What am I ever going to do with you?”

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