Biome Lock

The biomes were never meant to be tampered with, and the barbed-wire fences were never meant to be crossed. The Biome Lock was a force of nature not to be reckoned with. 


Thirty years after a harrowing alien invasion that left the remains of humankind living captive in separate biomes, the arrival of an atypical boy prompts an awakening of hope; a dream for a new age. As a greater mission unfolds, unrest begins to circulate in the furthest parts of the biomes, creating a threat to the once all-powerful regime of the Zorb… 


Meet Griffin, an antsy boy who on his thirteenth birthday, finds himself thrown into the depths of these seemingly unrestrained prisons. He only saw the biomes as a way to get past his worst memories, but the past still whispered in his ears. 


Meet Kira, a haunted teenager who lives with a terrible secret, one that might get her hunted down and murdered. While everything about her seems normal, a cloud of fury hangs over her, all for something she chooses not to understand.


Meet Colette, an upright girl who feels an otherworldly connection to a boy she's hardly ever spoken to, where only dreams can bind the two. As it all seems supernatural, he might just feel the same way, understanding all that she feels.


As these seemingly different minds come together, they are forced to combat their darkest moments and worst memories as they fight for their freedom. And whether they like it or not, they must choose what they really stand for, and who they truly are… 


Welcome to the Biome Lock!